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Co-Founder/ Director

Darnell Foreman has excelled on every level of basketball. From high school to the professional ranks, Foreman has a background that rivals many area coaches and players. “Basketball has taken me on quite a journey, a journey that is far from being finished…HOC is the combination of everything I have learned and the concepts I continue to learn in this great game.”


  • NJ State Champion

  • All State player in 2014

  • South Jersey Player of the Year 

  • Ivy League Champion 

  • All Ivy League Conference Player

  • 2nd Team ALL Decade in South Jersey

  • Philadelphia City 6 Biggest Play All Decade selection 

  • Two stints in Germany’s 2nd division (Paderborn; Ehingen)

Favorite Quote: Prepare yourself as if you’re playing against the best player in the world.



Co-Founder/ Director

Jay Amwake played on the 2014 State Champion team at Pitman High School. He went on to earn his MBA with a focus in Finance from Saint Joseph's University. Jay currently works in Branding and Marketing at a firm called Jaws Marketing. Jay understands the effort and dedication it takes to become successful in an endeavor and to lead a great life. Jay strives to bring positivity, intelligence, and inspiration to the players and campers at HOC camp.

Favorite quote: Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.

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