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The biggest threat to personal greatness—Limits. When we at Heart of a Champion hoops set goals, we go after them. We enjoy our grind and we evolve along the way. Limits stop evolution. It stops your journey. Never listen to limits. 

Matt Howard was an All-Ivy, All-Philadelphia Big 5 player from Columbia, South Carolina. He was a teammate of mine from the 2014-2017 seasons. He has come to be a great friend and probably the most reliable person I have come to know. Throughout his college career, he learned the affects of limits, limiting behavior, and having the right mindset in order to compete on the division one level.

“The more I age, the more I realize how much your mindset influences the results of your life story."

  All my life I have set limits on my abilities based on either the peer group I surrounded myself in or what I thought possible.  Competing at the Division 1 level in basketball really brought this point home for me.  I always thought of myself as a hard worker, but when I walked on campus & begin working out, I quickly realized there was another level of effort I can push myself to.  That experience has led me to explore where I might be holding myself back in other areas as well.  Each morning I pray to rid myself of any self-limiting beliefs or mental barriers holding me back.  Each morning serves as a reminder that I will only be as good as I think I am.  Limits aren’t engrained in facts.  Limits are what we create in our own minds.”

“I know I’ll make it, I just believe it then I pray it.” - Flight


Tony Hicks was another All Ivy player and a current professional basketball player in Germany. Playing and growing up in Chicago, he is used to big stages and big expectations when it comes to basketball; life. Ultimately though, he believes humility is the best tool to confronting people that attempt to limit him.

Humility is the best trait a person can have. Other people will try to put limitations on you, but only you know your end goal. Even if you are not close at the time, humbling yourself and turning that into fuel is always the best way to approach outside limitations. And over time, your humble aura will shine so bright that the outside world won’t dare to place limits on you.

"Everything that you could imagine in your own head is possible with action."

Therefore, so are the same limitations that you create between your ears. But that’s all they are, just in your head. You have the choice to create your dreams and goals, or the limitations in your life. I choose the former.

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