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A Hero's Journey

The Heart of a Champion all started when a group of high school teammates put past their differences, became a family, and won a NJ State Championship. For some players, it was their particular role or playing time. For others, it meant changing their attitude towards the game, itself. This group realized that in order to achieve their goal, they had to sacrifice. They had to look deep within themselves to truly grasp the Heart of a Champion!

Founded and operated by Darnell Foreman and Jay Amwake,  Heart of a Champion Basketball (HOC) was launched to provide those same disciplines for the next group of basketball players. Through our 3 core components: Hard work, Persistence, and Confidence, HOC basketball will help develop progressive and aspiring basketball players through their Basketball journeys. 

Headed by our Annual Heart of a Champion Basketball Camp, Team HOC also provides clinics, workshops, apparel, food drives, and contemporary social media content.

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